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    Kuliah Umum : CERN and Its Particle Physics Program
    Oleh : Laksana Tri Handoko
    Kamis, 21 Juni 2012 (21:59 WIB)

    Prof. Emmanuel Tsesmelis (Directorate General Office CERN)

    Waktu :
    26 Juni 2012 pk 14:00-16:00 WIB

    Lokasi :
    Cinema Room, University of Indonesia Central Library, Kampus UI Depok, Depok 16524

    Abstrak :
    CERN is the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, the world’s largest particle physics research centre. Founded in 1954, the Laboratory was one of Europe’s first joint ventures and has become a premier example of international collaboration. CERN’s subject of study is pure science and is concentrated on exploring the Universe’s most fundamental questions, such as “What is it made of?” and “How did it come to be the way it is?” The Laboratory’s high-­‐‐tech tools, its particle accelerators and particle detectors, are amongst the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is CERN’s latest large accelerator project and it has launched a new era of research in particle physics. In this seminar, the Laboratory’s primary aims in fundamental discovery science, research and development for innovative technology, as well as education and training initiatives, will be presented. Opportunities for international collaboration with CERN will also be outlined.

    Acara ini terbuka untuk umum dan cuma-cuma sebagai bagian dari kunjungan resmi CERN ke Indonesia (untuk pertama kalinya). Kunjungan meliputi :
    - Audiensi kehormatan dengan Menristek
    - Audiensi kehormatan dengan Mendikbud
    - Audiensi kehormatan dengan Pimpinan LIPI
    - Audiensi kehormatan dengan Pimpinan BATAN
    - Kunjungan kerja ke Puspiptek (DRN, P2 Fisika LIPI, PTBIN BATAN, PRR BATAN)

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