Thursday, 23 March 2023

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Paper of IC3INA 2014 not published
By : Nidhi Goel
Monday, 18 May 2015 (03:48) from terminal

As per previous requests to you. I again request you to please include my paper in IEEE explore. Please find the mail below I have received from IEEE support center. They are saying it is the discretion of conference organizers to include the paper or not. I was planning to send my another paper to IC3INA 2015. But now this behavior of the conference has discouraged me to send a paper.

Sir I am Ph.D. student and this paper of mine will be counted as 1 paper only if it is published not when it is just accepted. I have received IEEE copyright form also from you. I have submitted the fee of USD200 as publishing fee also.

If my paper is not published , then it's going to affect my Ph.D. work badly as it will not be counted and now I cannot send it anywhere else also. Moreover, it too late also.

I haven't received reply of my previous mails also. I beg you to please include my paper and ask IEEE to publish it.

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